Early Golden Heads

May 28, 2008

There has been market talk that the Golden Head is the result of White Tank Treatment (WTT).  True or False?

Golden Heads command a higher price.  If they are purely the result of WTT, then all the Aros from that particular farm will have Golden Heads as the breeder would certainly put them all in WTT for better profits.   In addition,  breeders would also put their RTGs in WTT for the same reason…

However, WTT does enhances the Golden Heads.

Below is a photo of a Golden Head of the early 90s.  This particular one is from Xian Leng.

However, some of today’s Xb may have a more pronounced and larger spread of gold on the head.

Golden Head of the Early 90snull


3 level Pearlies

May 25, 2008

Like human beings – Aros also come in all shapes and sizes, with differences in it’s finnage, body shape, head type and so on…

Take a look at the pictures below.  It shows that many types of Aros have 3 level pearlies, but there are also some with 2 level pearlies.  My earlier post showed many Super Reds that do not exhibit 3 level pearlies.

Knowledge seeking is good and one of the ways is to talk and discuss with as many reputable breeders from as many countries as possible, before forming a conclusion.  We must be careful not to fall into the “trap” of treating the information from one particular person/source as the “Bible Truth”.


Green Aronull


Banjar Red/Yellow Tailnull



Red Tail Goldennull



Crossback Golden of the 80snull